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Can you guess these tough Friends questions?

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Who is the first person Monica dates on the show?
Who dates Phoebe's twin sister?
What is Carol's lovers name?
How many categories of hand towel's does Monica have?
Joey get's the role to play who's butt?
What shape does Ross change Emma's Phallic birthday cake into?
What did Monica and Rachel have to do to win their apartment back?
Which friend has the middle name Muriel?
Which of Rachel's boyfriends does Ross call a crapweasel?
What was Central Perk before it was a coffee shop?
How does Joey's character die on 'Days of our Lives'
What is Monica's drink? (alcoholic)
What song does Rachel sing at Barry and Mindy's wedding?
What does Rachel get a tattoo of?
Where do Ross and Emily get married?
What did Ross and Rachel think it would be funny to do after their wedding?
What are the names of Rachel's sisters?
What game do they play at the beach house?
Where does Ross travel to when he meets Julie
What is Rachel's 'Lucky outfit' he puts on to impress Joshua?
What are the two teams Carol plays for in college?
What did Joey name his Porcelain dog?
Chandler pretends to move to _______ in order to get away from Janice
Phoebe thinks someone dies everytime she goes to the _____?
Which band sings the Friends theme song?
What color is Monica's apartment?
During the blackout, where is Chandler trapped?
In a flashback episode, what does Monica bring to the Hospital instead of Chandler's toe?
Joey has unusually small what?
Which friend says the last words in the series?
What kind of pants does Ross wear as part of his New Years Resolution?
Phoebe said she made out with Ralph Lauren, who did she actually make out with?
What did the pin on Ross's backpack say when phoebe robbed him?
What store does Phoebe hate that Rachel and Ross love?
What does Mr. Heckles use to bang on the ceiling?
Which friend walks Phoebe down the aisle at her wedding?
What character does Brad Pitt play?
What is Monica's Profession?
How much money does Chandler ask to borrow from Joey during his internship?
What instrument does Ross want to play for Monica and Chandler's wedding?

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