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Earlier research into split brains and hemisphere disconnection was conducted by:
Aim of the study:
More specifically, they wanted to test whether _, _ and _ differs between the hemispheres.
They also wanted to test _ between the hemispheres to achieve cognitive function.
Sperry used a _ experiment in a _ setting
The study employed a _ design
Each participant was tested on both the _ and the _ _
The sample was made up of _ patients with _
The sample included at least
What part of the brain is severed in a hemisphere disconnection?
What is the medical name for hemisphere disconnection?
Stimuli for the hemispheres was either _, _ or _
Stimuli were presented for precisely measured durations, for example:
What was the IV?
What was the DV?
Why was there no control group?
Some have argued that Sperry's study is actually what?
The first patient (male) had had his surgery conducted how long before the study?
The second patient (female) had her surgery more than _ years before the study.
The rest (9) had their surgeries...
Sperry used a _ to present visual stimuli.
Information sent to the left visual field would be processed in which hemisphere?
What were the controls? (2)
What were the two symbols used in one of the visual tasks?
What was a control in the tactile tasks used to ensure that there was no visual stimuli?
For the tactile tests, if an object was placed in the right hand, how was it described?
If the same object was put in the left hand, how would it be described?
If an object was put in the left hand, and then the right, would it be remembered?
For the visual tasks, participants would only recognise material if it was presented to the _ visual field.
Information described through speech or writing would have been presented to the _ visual field.
However, if it was unable to be coveyed through speech or writing, it must have been processed in the _ hemisphere.
If, for example, a $ was presented to the left visual field and a ? to the right, what may a partcipant do?
Sperry concluded split brain patients lack _, therefore each hemisphere is unaware of what the other is doing.
Split brain patients have 2
Strengths of the study
Weakness of the study

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