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Can you identify key features of Simons and Chabris' study?

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Neisser et al (1979) used the visual attention task in which teams of basketball players, a ____ walked through and was not noticed. What was this?
Wolfe (1999) proposed the concept of...
What was the aim of Simons and Chabris' study?
What experimental design did they use?
Particpants took place in one of ? conditions?
How many participants were there in total?
How were the participants recruited?
How many videotapes were there?
How many players were in each video?
What did they use to deliver instructions on the task?
What were the two conditions of the first IV?
What were the two conditions of the second IV?
What was one control they used in regards to the players?
What was the 3rd IV? (Participants were asked to pay attention to this)
In the easy condition, participants were asked to keep score of what?
In the hard condition, participants were asked to keep score of what?
What was the 4th IV?
After watching the video, participants were also asked a series of surprise questions. Give an example of one of the questions.
What else were the participants asked?
Were the participants debreifed?
What percentage of people didnt notice?
True or False: People were more likely to notice the unexpected event in the transparent condition.
Did more people notice the umbrella woman or the gorilla?
Inattentional blindness is more likely when the primary task is hard or easy?
Strength of research
Weakness of research

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