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Cherry (1953) had previously investigated using the method of what?
A message that is played to both ears simultaneosly is called:
Two messages played, one to each ear
In previous studies, participants could not hear language changes from the unattended message. Name one thing that participants could pick up on from the unnatended message.
Moray was interested in investigating what kind of information sounds broke through the...
The aim of the study builds upon which previous study
The first aim of the study
The second aim of the study
The third aim of the study
Was the study a lab, field or quasi experiment?
Were participants male and female?
What occupation were the participants?
What task did all 3 studies use?
What rate was the tape played at in words per minute? (...-...)
What was one control put in place?
IN STUDY 1: The short list of simple words was repeated how many times?
IN STUDY 1: What was the experimental design?
IN STUDY 1: What were the 3 conditions of the IV?
IN STUDY 1: How was the dependent variable measured? 2 ways, name 1
IN STUDY 2: How many passages of short fiction were participants asked to shadow?
IN STUDY 2: What were participants instructed to do?
IN STUDY 2: Did the participants experience all 10 conditions?
IN STUDY 2: In 3/6 conditions with instructions in the passage, the instruction began with what?
IN STUDY 2: What was the IV?
IN STUDY 2: What was the DV?
IN STUDY 3: What was the experimental design?
IN STUDY 3: What was interspersed throughout the passage?
IN STUDY 3: IV: One group was told beforehand that they would be asked questions about the shadowed message. What was the other group told?
IN STUDY 3: What was the dependent variable?
Results of STUDY 1: How many words were recognised from the shadowed passage versus the rejected passage /7?
Results of STUDY 2: The results were found to be what after conducting a t-test?
Results of STUDY 2: Give the quantative findings of the study in when the instruction was preceded by a name versus when it wasn't.
What is the theory of Moray's study labelled as?
Moray concluded that it was ? to make neutral material important enough to permeate the block.
What is one strength of the study?
What is one weakness of the study?

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