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Outline the features of Milgram's study

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Year of Milgram's Study
What the study was based on 
Sample size
Age of participants
Write it like __-__ 
What kind of sample was used?
Name a type of occupation of the participants
How much were participants paid for their time?
Where did the study take place?
What were the participants told the aim of the study was?
What were the voltage intervals?
What voltage was the sample shock?
Who was the experimenter?
Age, occupation 
What was the stooge's name?
What did the 'learner' do when the shocks reached 300-115V?
What was the first verbal prod?
What was the second verbal prod?
What was the third verbal prod?
What was the forth verbal prod?
What happened after the experiment was over?
How many participants went up to 450V?
Include % sign 
How many participants went up to 300V?
Include % sign 
What was the percentage estimation of people that would deliver 450V? (psychology students)
Include % sign 
What was the average rating of how painful the shocks were in the post-experiment interviews? /14
Name one form of physical observation that Milgram recorded of the participants during the study.
Name the first concusion from this study
Name the second concusion from this study
Identify one of the 9 factors Milgram identified that may have contributed to high levels of obedience
Which hypothesis did the findings support?
One strength of Milgram's study
Possible 3 
One weakness of Milgram's study
Possible 3 

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