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Can you identify the key features of Maguire's study?

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Which part of the brain is associated with spatial relationships?
Lee et al discovered that the hippocampus retains the ability to
What year was the study published?
The aim of the study was to investigate the difference in _ volume between individuals who did/didn't have extensive _ experience.
What was the experimental method?
What setting was the experiment conducted in?
What variables did the correlational analysis consider?
Who were the two groups tested?
How many taxi drivers were there?
What was the mean age of the taxi drivers?
What was the test to be a taxi driver called?
What does this test require?
What was the average training time?
Name one quality that all the matched participants shared?
The matched control group consisted of people on the _ database
How many people's scans were used as comparison?
What design was used in the experimental part of the study?
Why were taxi drivers chosen?
What was the DV?
Measurements of brain volume were done by
What image-analysis technique was used
What kind of data did this study collect?
Which part(s) of the brain was a significant difference found?
Increased _ matter was found in the brains of taxi drivers
A correlation was found between the _ and volume in the right posterior hippocampus.
Evidence for _ differences between the hippocampi of London taxi drivers and control participants.
Hippocampal volume _ in response to demand for navigational skills.
Strength of the study
Weakness of the study

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