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What was Freud's approach?
He proposed that children went through a series of...
Each stage is characterised by a fixation on an
List the 3 stages in order
How did Freud come the idea of the Oedipus complex?
The aim of the study was to document a boy called _ who was suffering from a phobia of _ and to use this to illustrate the existence of the _
Where was Hans from?
How old was Hans at the start of the study?
What was his real name?
Who provided the case information?
What was the design?
What did Hans become interested in at the age of 3?
After his mother threatened to send for the doctor to cut it off, Hans developed a fear of
At the same time, Hans saw:
How old was Hans when his sister was born?
When he was 4, he developed a fear of...
Specifically, he was afraid that:
At this point he also suffered
What were the 3 fantasies in order that they happened?
In the giraffe fantasy, one of the giraffes was _ and the other was_
According to Freud, what did the two giraffes represent?
In the Giraffe fantasy, Hans _ the crumpled giraffe away. He then preceeded to _ on the crumpled giraffe.
In the plumbing fantasy, Hans was in the _ and a plumber came and _ it.
The plumber took a big _ and stuck it in his stomach.
In the second plumber fantasy, the plumber took away Hans’ _ and _ with a pair of pliers and replaced them both with bigger ones.
In the parenting fantasy, Hans is married to _
His _ becomes his _
Hans’ daydream about _ was a representation of him trying to take his mother away from his father so he could have her to himself.
Which fantasy supposedly represented a resolution to the complex due to the fact he now identified with his father?
Horses represented...
His suggestion that boys in the _ stage of psychosexual development experience the Oedipus complex.
Freud suggested that _ anxiety was displaced onto harmless external objects.
Strength of the study
Weakness of the study

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