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QUIZ: Can you identify key features of Levine's study?

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What was the only research into cross cultural helping behaviour mainly focused on before this study?
What is the name for the cultural value of concern for others?
A culture that is more concerned with the welfare of society is considered?
What year did the study take place?
What did Milgram (1970) suggest was the reason that city dwellers didn't notice when someone needed help?
What was the main aim of the study?
To investigate... 
How many countries were involved?
Total number of participants?
How were individual particpants selected?
By being the... 
Who was excluded from the study?
3 possible answers 
What kind of experimental design did Levine use?
What controls were put in place?
(In regards to Location, timing) 
(In regards to experimenters) 
Name one of the non emergency situations.
3 possible answers 
What did the participant have to do to be considered to be helping?
Were participants ever asked directly for help?
Population size was taken from where?
Economic prosperity was taken from where?
If a country was rated as 10 on the cultural values scale, it would be what?
Non spanish and Latin American countries were coded as what?
Average walking speed was measured according to the time taken to walk how far?
Answer in feet or metres (m) 
What was the most helpful city? What was the helping rate for this city?
City, helping rate% 
What was the least helpful city? What was the helping rate for this city?
City, helping rate% 
Name one city with an interesting anomaly
2 possible answers 
Name one city where they were most helpful in the dropped pen condition.
3 possible answers 
Which was the only population variable that correlated significantly with helping?
What was the rate of helping in simpatia countries compared to non-simpatia countries?
Name one conclusion from this study
One strength from the study
One weakness from the study

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