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Piaget had previously concluded that children younger than 11 relied on two factors to make moral judgements about lying. These are:
Lee wanted to investigate more than one culture, as Kohlberg's research had been criticised because it was deemed _.
Lee compared children from two countries. These were:
Therefore, Lee used a _ method.
With a _ design.
The aim of the study was to investigate
How many participants were involved from China and from Canada respectively?
The Chinese children were recruited from an elementary school in:
Most of the Canadian children were from what kind of families?
The canadian sample was also collected from elementary schools in
For each cultural good, half the participants were assigned to a _ story condition, the other half to a _ story conditon.
Two of the stories were _, the other two were _.
The prosocial stories involved the child intentionally carrying out a
The antisocial stories involved the child intentionally carrying out a
At then end of the stories, the main character was asked who was responsibl for the deed. In two instances, the child _, in the others they _
The children were then shown a _ point rating chart.
The chart went from _ to _
What would very naughty be represented as?
What would good be represented as?
What would neither naughty nor good be represented as?
The stories were presented along with
After the 'deed' was read aloud, what were the children asked?
In what way could the child respond?
What was repeated after the second story was read?
The responses on the rating scale were converted into point score. According to this, what would Very very good be scored?
Complete this sentence according to the results of the study: Overall, Chinese particpants tended to rate truth telling _ positively than their canadian counterparts.
Therefore, Chinese children rated _ in prosocial situations.
These cultural distinctions became more obvious as they...
_% of Chinese 11 year olds rated lying positively in prosocial stories, compared to _ of Chinese 7 years olds.
Lee et al suggested this was because Chinese children are taught the values of:
Lee concluded that moral reasoning can be influenced by our
The influence of socio-cultural factors becomes stronger as we
Some aspects of moral reasoning may be universal. These are:
Strengths of the study
Weakness of the study

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