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Who's work was Kohlberg inspired by?
Kohlberg disagreed with Piaget that moral reasoning was complete by early adulthood, and set out to explain how it continued to develop into _?
Kohlberg's study took place in the year of...
The aim of the study was...
A secondary aim was to investigate these changes in...
What design was the study?
How was the data collected?
Who were the participants? (How many, location, gender)
Age of the participants?
How long did the study last?
How often were participants interviewed?
Each time they were interviewed, they were presented with a series of...
The dilemmas were measuring how many moral themes?
The same dilemmas were presented to young people in which 2 countries?
The design here was:
Based on the different participant responses, Kohlberg propsed moral development was through _ levels and _ stages.
What were the levels? Name all in order.
Name stage 1 and 2 (Level 1)
Name stage 3 and 4 (Level 2)
Name stage 5 and 6 (Level 3)
Participants were seen as being in a particular stage when a certain percentage of their responses fell neatly into a particular stage. What was this %?
True or false: Kohlberg deemed that a particular age meant you would fall into a particular stage. E.g, all 15 year olds were stage 3.
Kohlberg concluded that we go through a series of stages in which moral reasoning develops. What is the first stage based on?
Second stage?
Third stage?
Yes or No? Kohlberg concluded that people growing up in a range of cultural contexts go through the same stages.
Strength of the study:
Weakness of the study:
The study was useful because in Kohlberg used it in his schools in 1975, applying it to his __ schools.

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