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What aspects of speech can reveal a lot about our personalities?
In Oxman et al's study (1988), he found that statistical speech analysis was more accurate than what form of diagnosis?
Porter et al (2009) found that Psychopaths were _ times more likely than non-psychopaths to be granted _
Hancock et al carried out a _ _ analysis of two groups of _ _
The aim of the study was to test how
What 3 things were psychopathic speech analysed for?
What method was used to collect data?
This was collected through conducting
How many psychopaths were in the study?
How many non-psychopaths were in the study?
Where were they imprisoned?
All 52 partipants had:
What was their overall mean age?
The PCL-R was used to assess the participants against 20 different criteria. What does this stand for?
This is used to measure both _ traits and _/_ traits.
What is the test out of? What is the cut off score for psychopathy?
Who was the test carried out by?
What check was conducted on the PCL-R scores?
What were they made to do to check this?
At the start of each interview, participants were
The offenders were asked to describe _ in _
How long did the interview last?
Participants were prompted by interviewers using a standardised procedure known as the:
This uses _ ended questioning
Who were the interviewers?
What was a control put in place to eliminate interviewer bias?
Each interview was then transcribed and analysed using _ text analysis tools
What did Wmatrix analyse?
What did the DAL analyse?
What does DAL stand for?
Give one example of qualities of language that the DAL would analyse.
Was there a significant difference between the amount of words produced by the two groups?
Psychopaths were more likely to describe their homicide using subordinating conjuntions. These are words that:
Give an example of a subordinating conjunction.
The crime narratives of the psychopaths emphasised
In the emotional language analysis, Psychopaths were more likely to describe their homocide in the
Psychopaths used less _ language than the controls
Psychopathic language was less fluent, with _% more disfluencies.
Hancock concluded that psychopaths describe powerful emotional events in a more _ way than others.
They tend to view their crimes as:
Are more likely to focus on
They are less _ and _ in their speech
Are more emotionally _ in their crimes
Strength of the study
Weakness of the study

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