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Grant was improving on research of memory recall through also investigating the effects of:
The year of the study
Aim of the study
What was the experimental design?
How many participants took part?
What was the age range of the participants?
How were the participants recruited?
What was the independent variable?
Where was the backround noise used in the noisy condition from?
What were all the partcipants made to wear?
What was the reading material on?
How many times were the partcipants asked to read the article?
After a 2 minute break, which test was given first?
What was the dependent variable?
The dependent variable was measured in two ways. Name both.
How many questions were there on the short answer test?
How many questions were there on the multiple choice answer test?
In which condition were test results better?
True or False: Noisy conditions produce worse test results in this study.
Which condition is better for a student in current test conditions?
Strength of the study
Weakness of the study

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