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Can you name the Gould Bias in IQ testing?

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The Binet-Simon test created in 1905 aimed to help identify...
The test did this by producing a:
Binet believed that intelligence was: A) Fixed, B) Not fixed
The alternative view that intelligence is a fixed characteristic is known as a:
The 'Eugenics' phiilosophy aims to:
Who was a famous supporter of 'Eugenics' in history.
Name one way that people in the Early 20th Century used to implement the philosophy of 'Eugenics'
In this study, Gould examined a test of intelligence based on the influential work of which American psychologist?
Gould aimed to reveal:
From this, he wanted to devise:
What kind of large scale testing did Yerkes use?
How many army recruits were tested?
During what period of history did Yerkes conduct his IQ testing?
What were the three types of tests?
Who was the AA test for?
What kind of test was it?
How many parts did the AA have?
Give an example of the kind of tasks that they asked to complete?
The AB test was for men who were:
What kind of test was it?
How many parts did it have?
Give an example of the kind of tasks that they asked to complete?
What was the IE test?
Who was the test for?
The conditions that the participants took the test were described as
Gould argued that the test content relied heavily on
He argued that the tests were more likely to be assessing _ _ than _ _
He also argued that the tests were _ as _ people were less likely to be called for recall to a beta test
There were _ between camps where the tests were taken
This is because administers used different criteria for _
Many men who scored low on the Army Alpha did not get to take the Army Beta due to
Who did these inconsistencies mainly affect?
This therefore represented a _ bias by reflecting their lower levels of literacy and lack of access to education
According to Yerkes, the average mental age score of white american men was
This differed to previous research, who had set the standard mental age at _ years of age
Due to these findings, what did Gould go on to title this article?
Black americans were found to score a mean mental age of:
Yerkes classed European immigrants due to their nation of origin. Notably, these differences were matched with...
Which parts of Europe generally scored higher?
Which generally scored lower?
The results of the mental test then influenced the:
A score of C, or 'Low average intelligence' would be assigned:
A score of D or E would not have been expected to
Yerkes concluded that intelligence is an _ quality with a _ basis
True or False? Yerkes concluded it wasn't possible to grade individuals by the colour of their skin.
Yerkes concluded the average man of most nations could be considered a _.
He also concluded that mental testing was _ and _, with _ _ for society
Gould identified two things that invalidated Yerkes' conclusions. These were:
According to Gould, the tests supported _ beliefs and influenced common _
Who were discriminated against? (4)
Strength of the study (Yerkes)
Weakness of the study (Yerkes)

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