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Previous research had indicated there were many reasons for lack of commpliance. According to Chapman (2000), list one of the reasons.
What year did Chaney conduct his study?
What was the aim of the study?
What experimental design did Chaney use?
What kind of experiment was it?
What was the IV?
What was the DV?
How was the DV measured?
What areas were the participants from?
How many participants were involved?
Mean age of participants?
Average range of asthma?
Sampling method?
How long did the study last?
Chaney gathered what before he started?
What kind of questionnaire was used to gather data on the child's curent usage?
Give one example of the kind of toys that were attached to the funhaler
What form of operant conditioning did this encourage?
After this time, parents completed a __ questionnaire to allow direct comparison between the funhaler and the spacer.
Researchers also conducted a random telephone interview, to ask if it was used on the ____?
Chaney found that _% of children medicated on the previous day using the funhaler compared to _% with the standard spacer.
_% of children reported pleasure when using the funhaler compared to _% with the standard spacer
Chaney concluded that the use of the funhaler would be useful to implement to
Self reinforcement can improve general _ in young asthmatics
Strength of the study
Weakness of the study

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