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Can you name the Casey's Study of Gratification Delay?

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Psychologists believe we use what to delay gratification?
Shoda and Rodriguez developed a delay of gratification task using a _ to test whether we can postpone gratification for a reward.
Casey wanted to build on previous research by suggesting that
Casey aimed to:
It was a _ study
Casey tracked participants from the age of...
The IV was:
How was this operationalised?
Therefore, the IV was...
Sample was drawn from a cohort of _ pupils.
The children attended
When did the children complete the original delay of gratification task?
How many participants participated in the final part of the study? In Experiment 1, then 2
Experiment 1: Sample was divided into high and low delayers, who were completing a _ and _ impulse task.
What did the particpants use to complete the task?
What did the 'cool' version of the task entail?
What was the go/no go stimulus operationalised as?
Where were the faces drawn from?
The on screen instructions required the participants to respond _ and _.
How long did each face appear for?
How long was the interval between faces?
How did the 'cool' stimulus differ from the 'hot' stimulus?
How many trials were completed?
In experiment 2, what was the equipment that the participants were scanned by?
Which version of the task did they complete?
What piece of equipment was used to record responses and reaction times?
How accurate were the high delayers and the low delayers in responses as a percentage?
_ delayers identified at 4 years of age showed greater difficulty than the _ delayers in suppressing their responses to happy faces.
Which part of the brain is critical in withholding responses?
There were high levels of activity in the reward region for low delayers. What is this part of the brain called?
True or false: Casey concluded that resistance to temptation is a relatively stable characteristic over time.
Cognitive control can be strongly influenced by _ factors.
Strength of the study
Weakness of the study

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