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Can you identify key features of Bocchiaro's study?

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Year of study
What research did the study try and replicate?
What was the main aim?
Whole sentence 
Name one additional aim
Try both, whole sentence 
Name another additional aim
Try both, whole sentence 
How many participants were involved in the pilot studies?
How many participants were involved in the actual study?
How many pilot studies were conducted?
Where did it take place?
(Place, City) 
How was the sample gathered?
What were participants offered in return?
Only one answer required 
What was the field that the participants were told that the research was in?
What were they told the reason was why they were waiting to complete the similar study?
What were the participants told that happened in the first experiment?
What were participants asked to do?
What was one word they were asked to include?
What was one thing that was in the room with the participant?
How was obedience assessed?
Whether the participant... 
How was whistleblowing assessed?
Whether the participant... 
What were they given to account for dispositional factors?
Name of personality test 
What does this measure?
In order 
What were the estimated levels of obedience versus the actual rates?
What were the estimated levels of whistleblowing versus the actual rates?
Bonus: Among the whistleblowers, what percentage also obeyed?
True or False? People with a strong religious faith were more likely to whistleblow.
Outline the main conclusion of Bocchiaro's study
Outline the conclusion made about estimation.
Implications for which area?
T or F?: We see ourselves as less 'special' than others
e.g. we would rate ourselves as more likely to follow destructive orders than the 'average' person  
Strengths of the study?
Possible 4 
Weaknesses of the study?
Possible 2 

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