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Hubel and Wiesel (1970) demonstrated that visual deprivation in kittens caused _ associated with eyes to decline in number.
Blakemore and Cooper aimed to investigate the impact of a restricted visual environment on the kittens'
The kittens were raised in _
They were housed in complete darkness until _ weeks of age
What kind of design did they use?
From 2 weeks to 5 months, the kittens spend _ hours a day in visual display apparatus
The entire inner wall of the cylinder was covered in:
The independent variable was whether the stripes were:
Did Blakemore and Cooper have a control group?
Who did they compare the findings to?
After 5 months, they were transferred to a:
The kittens visual field was reduced to? (Degrees)
Name one visual reaction that was observed.
At what age were the kittens tested biologically?
What was presented to the cat in the biological examination?
What did they record the response from?
Name one control put in place.
How was it concluded that kittens didnt have visual placing?
The kittens guided themselves mainly by:
After how long did the kittens overcome these deficiencies?
What did they use to test a startle response with the kittens in the different conditions?
True or False: A kitten would only respond to the sheet/rod if it was striped the opposite way to that in which they had been reared in.
In a normal cat the numbers of neurons which respond to a particular orientation are fairly evenly distributed throughout _ degrees.
However, in vertically reared cats no neurons had a preferred orientation within _ degrees of the horizontal and vice versa
How likely is this result to have occurred by chance?
There is clear evidence of _
What part of the kitten's brain adjusts during development as a result of visual development?
Strength of the study
Weakness of the study

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