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In a previous study, Baron-Cohen (1990), suggested people with autism have a common deficit
This deficit of theory of mind is referred to as:
Aimed to find out if:
How many people made up the autism group? Men and women
How were they recruited?
What kind of sampling technique did they use?
How many adults with tourettes were there?
How many controls were there? (Men and women)
Tourettes was used as a control because
Tourettes and Autism are believed to be associated with a biological problem in the ...
What was used to test theory of mind deficit?
How many photographs of eyes were participants shown?
How long were they displayed for?
What was special about the photographs?
What were the two control tasks?
What were the controls for?
_ involved the participants being presented with a short story and then being asked questions about the story.
The study was conducted in either:
Mean score on the eyes task for the autism group compared to the control group
The participants with _ struggled with the Happe's strange stories task
Contrary to _, these results seem to provide evidence that adults with autism/AS do possess an impaired theory of mind.
Theory of Mind deficits are independent of _
Strength of the study
Weakness of the study

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