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Can you identify key features of Bandura's study?

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Bandura was building on previous research by also investigating the effects of what on modelling behaviour?
Aim of study
Bandura suggested that girls would be more inclined than boys to be aggressive. True or False?
How many participants?
What was the mean age of participants
What was the experimental design?
3 Independent variables were tested. Name 1.
The children in each condition were matched on what?
What was the score between the nursery teacher and the experimenter when asked to rate children's aggression?
What was the first stage of the procedure?
How long did the first stage last?
In the aggressive condition, the adult demonstrated aggression by?
Give an example of the language that the aggressive role model used
In the non aggressive condition, the adult did what?
What was the second stage of the procedure?
After how long were the 'attractive' toys removed from the children?
What was the third stage of the procedure?
How long were the children observed playing for in the third condition?
What was the control put in place to reduce bias in the third condition?
What were the three types of aggression recorded? List in alphabetical order
Girls were more _ aggressive after observing a female model.
Little difference between non-aggressive group and the _ group.
Bandura proved that witnessing aggression in a model was enough to produce aggression in an observer, True or False?
Strength of the study
Weakness of the study

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