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QUIZ: Can you name the characters in the ABC Family TV show Wildfire?

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Famous jockey
A jockey who formerly served time at Camp LaGrange, a correctional facility, for grand theft auto
Very rich and owns a porsch for a little bit, also owned a nightclub for a little bit
Co-owns Raintree and is trying to not go broke
In a plane crash and steals money.
Famous for creating a horse program
A rich heiress and a member of the racing board
Little brother who ends up in the hospital
Works for Reintree and is an ex-convict as well as a respected horseman
Has a gambling problem for a little bit
Own her own stable for some time and owned a veterinary clinic
Owner of a rich ranch
The grandpa
Has a cop as an older brother
Dies by a bull riding
Sidekick to Dani
Scams people out of money
The horse

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