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Can you name the Plant Words???

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 Thin, Dry, Membrane - not green
 bell shaped flower
 covered in warts
 modified leaf with a flower
 protruding neck vein-high blood pressure
 funnel shaped flower
 to much poison that will kill
 tissue death
 butterfly shaped petals
 to much sulfur=brain swelling and death
 having an abruptly projecting point
 chemicals that increase light sensitivity
 grows in chalky soil
 border margin of a leaf thats winged
 Symetrical flower
 leaf like structure, used for protection
 attractive to eat
 cup like tube
 dry fruit that splits in half-like a carrot
 corky bark
 chemical that evacuates the bowels
 awl shaped
 microbacterial organisms in the stomach
 high sulfer in soil or water
 shedding leaves early

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