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Can you name my top Kpop groups?

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20. There used to be 12 of them, but now there are only 9
19. The first male dance group from FNC
18. Their Korean name translates to multiplication table in English
17. Woollim's first ever girl group
16. Their short and blonde haired member left the group recently :(
15. This group's duo subunit came back for the first time this July
14. They are known as the 'Kings of Kpop'
13. This group was formed by trainees from different companies
12. B1A4's sister group with 8 members (currently only 7 of them are promoting)
11. A group that's about to come back soon and manages to get 7.5 M views in three days, even just for their MV teasers
10. This group has been declared the new 'Nation's girl group' (no disrespect to SNSD)
9. The newest group from Cube
8. This group has two sides, one being much more popular than the other
7. Even though they only debuted this year, their debut MV has already over 18 million views
6. A group that only promotes as subunits
5. The members from this group all have their own zodiac signs
4. Known as one of the only old Kpop groups with no line-up changes
3. This group has been named one of the tallest idol groups and their average height is 185 cm
2. The girl group with most wins gained within a year with 29 wins, at the moment they already have 33 wins!
1. A self producing group with many members

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