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Forced Order
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Main Vocal
Main Dancer
What's Sowon's real name?
What's Eunha's real name?
These two are the best in English
These two share the same birth name
This member gained popularity because of her chicken dance
Tallest member
Acted in Heechul's I Wish MV
Sings first in 'White'
They got 14 wins with this song
Eunha and Sinb used to train in this entertainment company
Yerin used to train in this entertainment company
What is Yerin's new hair colour(February 2017)?
Which member of Seventeen is Yuju close with?
Which member of WJSN is SinB close with?
What reality show did they film in Cebu?
Which team won the broadcast competition on the 2nd episode of Look After My Dog?
And lastly, the Buddy anthem (when we all got friendzoned)

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