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Can you name the movies by these synonymous phrases?

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The Dishonest Monarch1994
Dandy Testament Poaching1997
Departed with the Breeze1939
Marrow Fable1994
The Ferrous Behemoth1999
Elevating Phoenix1987
Large Father1999
Archaic Terror1996
The Dumbness of the Sheep1991
The Satisfactory, the Inadequate and the Unattractive1966
Technically Flaxen2001
Of Rodents and People1992
Warblin' in the Precipitation1952
Battle Faction1999
Complete Anamnesis1990
Fatal Armament1987
Precarious Affairs1983
Genuine Fortitude2010
The Despondency Siblings1980
The Unclad Pistol1988

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