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A Buyer Needs...Directory
to acquire a framework through which learning content is managed and delivered. Also, needs eLearning and testing functions.
to manage financial reporting, accounting, and operations of retail stores. Also, needs POS, CRM, inventory management, HR, and eCommerce capabilities
to manage lending tasks including origination, underwriting, closing and documentation for contract services, etc.. Also, to streamline loan processing.
to view and track his/her service vehicles from one central location. Also, to match shipments with available resources and optimize routes.
to manage reservations of his/her apartment for vacationers who will stay there.
to track, report, and enforce internal environmental policies, as well as compliance with mandated standards.
to provide education activites for his/her employees. Also, needs to perform testing, certification tracking, and skills tracking.
to manage and organize images and other non-textual materials.
to gain all-around information about his/her employees.
to manage investment portfolios, as well as trusts and estates.
A Buyer Needs...Directory
to collaborate with contacts, as well as plan, manage, distribute, and track campaigns. Also, to monitor media analysis, broadcast solutions, and news media information.
to automate task assignments, resource location, and milestone tracking.
to provide a secure gateway to data and applications. Also, to manage content.
to use their customer base as a lead source. Also, interested in establishing an employee referral program to lower hiring costs.
to scan and monitor his/her business's computer network to evaluate potential vulnerabilites.
to create, compile, update, and store product information. Also, the buyer wants to build ads and distribute product materials.
to mangage and track goods. Also, to increase inventory accuracy and track sales.
to monitor inventory levels for optimal production and distribution of goods.
to coordinate business processes for their contractors and builders. Also, to manage bids and customers, schedule projects, and produce estimates.
to automate residential or commercial inspections. Also, to schedule inspections and manage customer mailings.

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