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'Our new celebrity'Professor Snape
'She obviously makes more of an effort if you're not family' Fred Weasley
'Died begging me for mercy'Voldemort
'Shouted something about quidditch fouls when harry shook him awake'Harry Potter
Won't even listen to us prefects'Percy Weasley
'Scared of the students, Scared of his subject'Hagrid
'I heard he's a sort of savage'Draco Malfoy
'The poor boy isn't something in a zoo.'Mrs. Weasley
'Like a pair of human bludgers'Oliver wood
'But he is a bit mad yes'Percy Weasley
'The way hagrid goes on you'd think it was a fluffy little bunny rabbit'Ron Weasley
'If brains were gold you'd be poorer than weasley'Draco Malfoy
'A nightmare honestly'Ron Weasley
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'Swooping around like an overgrown bat'Professor Quirrell
'Couldn't bear being in your father's debt.'Professor Dumbledore
'You're too well noble to use them'Professor Mcgonagall
'As bad as you can go, worse'Hagrid
'Mere shadow and vapor'Tom Riddle
' Are you a witch or not'Ron Weasley
'Crackpot old fool'Uncle Vernon
'A foolish young man i was then full of ridiculous ideas about good and evil' Professor Quirrell
'Knows an awful lot about the dark arts'Percy Weasley
'Nice thirst to prove oneself'Sorting Hat
'No finer boy anywhere'Uncle Vernon/Aunt Petunia
'He never had much sense'Professor Mcgonagall

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