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QuestionAnswerThis or That?
Theories are:True/false or correct/incorrect?
Arguments are:True/false or sound/unsound?
Arguments contain: Premises & conclusions or beliefs & facts?
The truth of the argument's premises makes the conclusion true.Valid or sound?
The argument is valid & has true premises.Valid or sound?
The truth of the argument's premises does not make the conclusion true.Valid or invalid?
The argument is valid, but has false premisesSound or unsound?
It is raining./ If it is raining, the streets get wet./ Therefore, the streets are wetValid or invalid?
If you win the lottery, you get rich./ Bill Gates is rich./ Therefore, Bill Gates won the lottery.Valid or invalid?
If Pinnochio lies, his nose grows./ Pinnochio's nose is not growing. / So he isn't lying.Valid or invalid?
If Billy wins the lottery, he'll be rich./ If he's rich, he'll buy a Porsche. / Therefore, if he wins the lottery, he'll buy a Porsche.Valid or invalid?
QuestionAnswerThis or That?
Some people are students./ Some people wear jeans. / Therefore, some students wear jeans.Valid or invalid?
If you play basketball, you're an athlete. / Simon doesn't play basketball. / As a result, he's no athlete.Valid or invalid?
This coin is either a quarter or a dime. / It's not a dime. / So, it's a quarter.Valid or invalid?
If you jump in the pool, you'll get soaked. / I'm soaked, / So, I must have jumped in the pool.Valid or invalid?
A condition that must be satistfied before that something can be true.Necessary or sufficient?
A condition that, when satisfied, guarantees that something is true.Necessary or sufficient?
Being a tiger is _____ for being an animal.Necessary or sufficient?
Being an animal is _______ for being a tiger.Necessary or sufficient?
Having a job is ________ for being a professor.Necessary or sufficient?
Being a professor is _________ for having a jobNecessary or sufficient?

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