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Tennessee sour mash whisky
Russian spirit often derived from potatoes
Was called 'Brad's Drink' now tends to be served when coke is not available
Created by the fermentation of honey and water
Originally medicine, this spirit is made of juniper berries
An Irish dry stout, the mascot is a Toucan
Italian lemon flavoured liqueur, often mixed into punches or cocktails
French passion fruit liqueur
Apart from vodka and lime, this is the key ingredient in a moscow mule
Carbonated drink made with quinine (giving it its distinctive flavour)
This German liqueur is brewed with 56 herbs and spices
French pomegranate syrup
Liqueuer flavoured with the peel of the laraha fruit (often blue coloured)
Very alcoholic spirit created using 'wormwood'
Greek aniseed flavoured aperitif
Mexican spirit derived from the blue agave plant
Caffeine based energy drink, will give you wings
Italian almond based liqueur,can be made with almonds or apricot pits
Traditionally English summer time drink, best served with lemonade and fruit
Captain Jack Sparrow's drink of choice
French Orange Liqueuer
Scottish or Irish. You choose which is better.
Made by distilling cider
Portuguese fortified wine or somewhere to park your ship
Cider but made from pears
Mexican coffee liqueuer, essential for a White Russian
Generally illicit alcohol brewed from corn in the USA
Irish Cream Liqueuer
Japanese rice wine
Spirit distilled from wine

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