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HintsTV Show Name
People stuck on an island
Doctor show
Animated comedy show
Teenage girls show
Crime Show
Things out-of-the-ordinary happen
Doctor show
Crime show
Vampire show
Crime show
High school show/ singing show
Singing show/ contest
Superhero show?
Crime show
Comedy/ Drama (supposedly) about women
spy show
drama/ action
drama- yound adult audience mostly
superhero show
animated comedy
crime show
doctor show
crime show
crime show
HintsTV Show Name
crime show
science fiction show
animated comedy
one letter title(make sure you put a space after the one letter or it wont work)
science fiction
drama series
comedy (not animated) each episode name begings with 'my'
crime show
comedy (not animated)
science fiction
historical (not necessarily accurate)
can talk to ghosts
vampire show
war show
comedy- drama
reality tv show
animated childrens show
sitcom/ comedy
4 women
Brittish science fiction show
mockumentary/ comedy
drama/ having to do with jail
crime show
comedy (not animated)
sitcom- older women w/ younger men
legal drama
HintsTV Show Name
reality- fat people ---> skinny(er) people
animated kids show
syfy drama
supernatural/ drama
sketch comedy show
drama/ comedy - 2 girls (mom/ daughter)
AWESOME animated (i think its anime)
young 'teen pop sensation'
reality tv about models
action- drama
comedy/drama something to do with marijuana
real people do experiments to test plausibility of unconfirmed things
teen drama
abot 3 witches
reality- about dancing
action drama
animated comedy
crime show
crime show
soap opera
historical- about king henry the XIII
(killing) Vampire show
comedy drama

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