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Can you give the dates of these key events in British history?

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Boudicca's revoltIceni vs Romans
Declaration of American IndependenceJohn Adams / American Revolutionary War
General StrikeUnsuccessful
WWIIAllies vs Axis Powers
Battle of TrafalgarAdmiral Lord Nelson vs Napoleon
Acts of UnionEngland & Scotland
Miners' StrikeArthur Scargill vs Margaret Thatcher
Execution of Sir Thomas MoreEnglish Reformation / Henry VIII
Murder of Thomas BecketCanterbury Cathedral
Defeat of the Spanish ArmadaElizabeth I vs Philip II of Spain
Battle of Stirling BridgeWilliam Wallace / Scotland vs England
WWIa.k.a. Great War
Peasants' RevoltWat Tyler vs Richard II
Man lands on the Moon (USA)Neil Armstrong & Buzz Aldrin
Abolition of SlaverySlavery Abolition Act
Battle of AgincourtHundred Years' War / Henry V
Glorious RevolutionJames II vs William III
Roman invasion of BritainEmperor Claudius
Battle of Bosworth FieldWars of the Roses / Henry VII vs Richard III
Women get the voteWomen over 30 with property
Battle of the BoyneJames II vs William III
Gunpowder PlotGuy Fawkes vs James I
Signing of the Magna CartaKing John vs barons / Runnymede
Publication of the King James BibleSupplanted Latin Vulgate
Battle of HastingsWilliam the Conqueror / Norman invasion
First Prime MinisterSir Robert Walpole
Battle of BannockburnRobert the Bruce / Scotland vs England
Battle of WaterlooDuke of Wellington vs Napoleon
English Civil WarRoundheads vs Cavaliers
Great Fire of LondonKing Charles II

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