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A member of 'Les Six' whose second movement of his Concerto for 2 pianos (1931) evoked a Mozartian style.
Famous composer of Russia, whose seamless combination of traditional practices and progressive leanings made him internationally famous.
Modernist composer who combined Brahm's 'developing variation', Wagner's expressive, chromatic language, and his inner duty to further Germany musical tradition.
Symbolist composer that often indulged in sonority and rejected Germanic development in favor of static sound blocks.
Head of Communist Party after Lenin's death; criticized avant garde and jazz music.
Italian group of composers that created a new type of music based around noise.
Most famous composer of monumentality. His pieces often referenced escaping through nature.
A member of 'Les Six' who incorporated elements of Brazilian music into his work, i.e. 'Le boeuf sur le toit' (1919).
Cultural Commissioner of the Union of Soviet Composers. The group demanded that music be in support of the Communist party while still being simple and accessible for the masses.
A young group of French composers that absorbed ideas of neoclassicism, but sought to escape the old political dichotomies.
Pro-Nazi composer that combined elements of neo-classicism with the contrapuntal language of Bach in his music.
Russian impresario in charge of displaying Russian culture in Paris at an annual production.
Fascist leader whose anti-semitic views drove countless writers, artists, composers, and scholars into exile.
Legendary Russian Ballet dancer that choreographed ballets for Stravinsky's 'Petrushka', 'The Rite of Spring', and 'The Firebird'.
Modernist composer whose music was found more approachable by listeners. He became very popular from his expressionist, atonal opera, 'Wozzeck'
Student of Rimsky-Korsakov that revolutionized modern music. He used musical traditions from Russia, including rapid changes of meter and frequent ostinatos.
Communist politician that believed that art belonged to people and should be loved by the people.
Leader of the Reich Music Chamber, which included a Reich Music Chamber, in which all musicians had to belong.
French composer that challenged the ideals of tradition, monumentality and rich chromatic language. He was known for his integration of popular music into his works.
The first president of the Reich Music Chamber, but was fired for continuing to work with Jewish librettist, Stefan Zweig.
Early Hungarian musicologist that looked to folk music for his inspiration and incorporated it into his music.
A French composer that strived for conservative, simple music that gained inspiration from the circus, music hall, and jazz. Coined the term 'Les Six'.

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