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Name sequence of protein structure
Why is rotation of a protein constrained to exist on a single planeDoesn't allow rotation
How is the peptide bond formedRequires energy input and are kinetically stable to hydrolysis
What is the limitation of arrangment called
What does this mean
What diagram predicts this
in vivo where are amino acids always added
What can cysteine residues form
In what sort of reaction
What are proteins of similar sequence from a common ancestor callede
Proteins with similar functions are termed
Proteins with similar sequences and differing functions are termed
What must the free energy do in order for a compound to dissolve
Why can non polar molecules not dissolve
How could solubility be increased
What is the hydrophobic effect
What does amphitpathic mean
Between what elements does hydrogen bonding occur
Name 3 types of secondary structureABB
What is an alpha helix formed from
What orientation to H+ bonds have to axis3.6 residues per turn
Where do amino acid side chains project out from
What is a beta sheet formed from
Can chains be part of a continuous peptide?
What orientation to H+ bonds have to backboneMultiple chains form corrugated sheet
Amino acid side chains...Alternately
How are beta turns usedAntiparallel beta sheets
What amino acids are usuall seen in beta turns
Why glycine
Why proline
Why are b turns sometimes not sterically stable
What are the characteristics of chains without a secondary structure
How are secondary and tertiary structures held together
What are motifs
How is the tertiary structure maintained H I D - Between cystine residues
Protein molecules are usually surrounded by a...
How can 'inside'/'outside' regions be predicted
What is usually on outside
What is different about transmembrane proteins
How are many extracellular proteins stabalized
What does this doe.g. makes more soluble
It can also...
What do they act as in transmembrane proteins
Why is tertiary structure in a constant state of movement
What is isoelectric pointZwitterion
What does this allow for

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