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QUIZ: Can you name the Pokemon obtained in a way different than normal capture?

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Way of ObtainingPokemonGame
Pokemon egg obtained at the Lavaridge HotspringsR/S/E
Pokemon given by Man in Celadon Mansion/Bebe/BillFR/LG/R/S/E/HG/SS
Pokemon found on Fridays at Valley WindworksD/P/Pt
Pokemon given to you by Steven StoneR/S/E
Pokemon traded to you by Jasmine for any PokemonHG/SS
Pokemon you buy outside of Mt. MoonR/B/Y/FR/LG
Pokemon loaned to you to make a mail deliveryG/S/C/HG/SS
Pokemon entrusted to you after Pikachu has full happinessY
Pokemon you must meet 32 people underground before battlingD/P/Pt
Pokemon that you must revive from the Root fossilR/S/E
Pokemon you protect for a man on Cianwood CityG/S/C/HG/SS

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