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QUIZ: Can you name the Simpsons Trivia (Seasons 1-11)?

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Homer is mistaken for this creatureThe Call of the Simpsons
The name of Marge's bowling instructorLife on the Fast Lane
Any of the reasons why Krusty couldn't have been the Kwik-E-Mart robberKrusty Gets Busted
The hair tonic Homer usesSimpson and Delilah
The name of the three-eyed fishTwo Cars in Every Garage and Three Eyes on Every Fish
The Springfield minor league baseball teamDancin' Homer
The name of the daredevil who inspires BartBart the Daredevil
The name of Homer's long lost brotherOh Brother, Where Art Thou?
Homer's roommate thinks he's this celebrityStark Raving Dad
The definition of 'to pull a Homer'Homer Defined
Bart makes the town think this orphan is trapped in a wellRadio Bart
The name of Mrs. Krabappel's 'lover'Bart the Lover
Homer's secret weapon for the Power Plant's softball seasonHomer at the Bat
The name of the musical Marge stars inA Streetcar Named Marge
Lisa's first wordLisa's First Word
Any of the guests in Krusty's comeback specialKrusty Gets Kancelled
Barney replaced this original member of the Be SharpsHomer's Barbershop Quartet
The name of Mr. Burns' teddy bearRosebud
The festival inspired by BartBart's Inner Child
The phrase that makes Bart famousBart Gets Famous
The name of Lisa's dollLisa vs. Malibu Stacy
Mayor Quimby's nephew makes fun of the waiter for saying this wordThe Boy Who Knew Too Much
The name of Lisa's teamLisa on Ice
This is stuck to Ashley's buttHomer Badman
The secret society Homer becomes a part ofHomer the Great
The name of Lisa's future fianceLisa's Wedding
Homer gives these to Lisa's fiance to wear at the weddingLisa's Wedding
The one who shot Mr. BurnsWho Shot Mr. Burns? Part 2
How much Bart sold his soul forBart Sells His Soul
The animal that made Lisa become a vegetarianLisa the Vegetarian
The game Bart wanted for ChristmasMarge Be Not Proud
The game he got for ChristmasMarge Be Not Proud
The name of the actual creator of ItchyThe Day the Violence Died
The name of the heavyweight champion who boxes HomerThe Homer They Fall
The name of Mr. Burns' long lost sonBurns, Baby Burns
The burlesque house 'puts the' this in SpringfieldBart After Dark
The name of Sideshow Bob's brotherBrother From Another Series
Homer becomes known as this during Springfield's prohibitionHomer vs. the Eighteenth Amendment
After opening a recycling plant, Mr. Burns begins producing thisThe Old Man and the Lisa
Homer looks like the mascot for this Japanese productIn Marge We Trust
Any of the Simpsons 'spin-offs'The Simpsons Spin-Off Showcase
The fruit that causes the bus accident that lands the kids on a deserted islandDas Bus
What Bart names his newly-hatched lizardsBart the Mother
What the 'J' in Homer J. Simpson stands forD'oh-in in the Wind
The name of Homer's lobsterLisa Gets an 'A'
Homer and Mel Gibson remake this filmBeyond Blunderdome
After becoming a farmer, Homer makes thisE-I-E-I-D'oh!
The name of the diving horse the Simpsons take homeSaddlesore Galactica
How Maude Flanders diesAlone Again, Natura-Diddily
The name of Lisa's dance teacherLast Tap Dance in Springfield

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