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Can you name the young heroes of Marvel's Avengers Arena?

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Manipulative. Pretty evil.
Gets head chopped off by fellow classmate.
Chopper of said head. Otherwise, pretty mellow.
Super angsty. Possibly has a thing for his fellow Braddock Academy classmate.
An aggressive Atlantean.
Loner, joins up with the kids from Braddock Academy.
After a sneak attack on his sentinel, he was left paralyzed from the waist down...and killed shortly after.
His burns were blamed on one of the Runaways, so the Runaway/Avengers Academy alliance was shortlived.
This ex-assassin is the favorite to win. She has her father's genes after all.
Lost her boyfriend immediately at the beginning of the 'game'.
Killed by Arcade to 'start the game'.
Killed by her best friend, who was under the control of someone else.
Cast out by his best friend, and subsequently taken control of by an evil teenager. Maybe being the new Darkhawk isn't all it's cracked up to be?
Loner, joins up with the Runaways.
Dies after flying into invisible force-field.

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