Holiday Quiz / Word Ladder: Saint Patrick's Day!

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Can you complete this cryptic word ladder about Saint Patrick's Day before the time runs out?

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Here be the clues!Right you are!
This is not St Patrick's nationality, only that of those who celebrate him
Short for 'Patricia'
In Ireland, it's called 'Rubbish'
One risk awaiting anyone who tries to drive after drinking on March 17th
Showing no intelligence or sensitivity, something often done on St Patrick's Day
Fast-growing edible herb
Mostly Canadian peoples classed as one of the 'First Nations in North America'
2016 New Orleans Saints Quarterback with Irish, English, German, and French ancestry
Dan _____: Famous Irish revolutionary
The colour most associated with Ireland
Wanting the leprechaun's pot of gold a little too much...
The Apostles _____: A Catholic prayer for a traditionally Catholic country
What you did when you couldn't find the pot of gold
Your best effort in the past to find the pot of gold
A term for a group of three, like the actual amount of leaves on a proper shamrock
You might be on this if you drink too much on March 17th and get in trouble with the law
A quavering or vibratory sound you might make on your feadóg (Irish fipple flute)
Short for brilliant; the only thing March 17th is going to be

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