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Can you name these terms relating to the human foot for each letter of the alphabet?

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AMuscle that abducts and flexes the great toe (1st digit)
BLatin word for 'short' used in the names of some foot muscles
COne of the three tarsal bones that start with 'C'
DThe surface of the foot that faces upwards when standing
E________ digitorum brevis: A thin, broad muscle that forms a fleshy mass on the lateral part of the up-facing foot
FPart of the foot
GOne of the lower leg veins that the foot veins drain into
HPart of the foot
IPlantar and dorsal _________: Muscles of the fourth layer of plantar foot muscles
JPlace of union between two or more bones, or parts of the skeleton. Eg: Ankle
KThe area of the body (see row J) where the veins of the foot drain towards
LMuscles that flex the proximal phalanges and extend the middle and distal phalanges of the lateral four digits
MPart of the foot
NOne of the tarsal bones
OOne of the heads of the adductor hallucis muscle
PThe toe bones
QMuscle that assists flexor digitorum longus in flexing the lateral four digits
RFascia of the ankle and parts of the foot that holds it together and protects from injury
SA nerve on the lateral aspect of the foot
TOne of the tarsal bones
UPartial or full thickness loss of epithelium associated with diabetes (among other conditions) in the foot. Types include 'pressure', 'genital', and 'mouth'
VBlood vessel that carried deoxygenated blood away from the foot
WPrimary locomotive function of the foot
XCommon term for radiographic image used to identify foot fractures
YCommon term for a fungal / candida infection of the foot
ZChemical element and body nutrient that can aid the healing of foot ulcers when supplemented

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