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Can you name a Kevin Spacey movie for each of the years listed?

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1986Subway Thief
1988Dwayne Hanson; Bob Speck
1989Kirgo; Mario
1990Frank Curtin; Richard Osborn
1992John Wiliiamson; Eddy Otis
1994Harry Kingsley; Lloyd Chasseur; Buddy Ackerman
1995Roger 'Verbal' Kint; Major Casey Schuler; John Doe
1996Himself & Duke of Buckingham; District Attorney Rufus Buckley
1997Detective Sergeant Jack Vincennes; James 'Jim' Williams; N/A (Director)
1998Lieutenant Chris Sabian; Mickey; Hopper (Voice)
1999Lester Burnham; Larry Mann
2000Michael Lynch; Eugene Simonet
2001Prot & Robert Porter; Quoyle
2002Himself as Dr. Evil (Cameo)
2003Albert T. Fitzgerald; David Gale
2004Bobby Darin (Also directed, wrote, produced)
2006Lex Luthor
2007Clyde Northcut
2008Mickey Rosa; Major Banks
2009Henry Carter; GERTY; Larry Hooper
2010Robert Axle; Jack Abramoff; N/A (Executive Producer)
2011Sam Rogers; Dave Harken; Chuck
2012Evgeniy Petrov
2013N/A (Executive Producer)
2014Dave Harken; Himself
2016Richard Nixon; Tom Brand & Mr. Fuzzypants
2017Whit Burnett

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