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Clue5-Letter Word
Scary female magical creature, or Hermione Granger
Useful for telling the time
Do this with a fish, a ball, and a train
A princely state of British India
Natives of the Netherlands
Aggressively or ostentatiously masculine in appearance
A collection of flowers, or Bradys
Seat in a park, usually wooden or metal
Sandy area by the sea
Old word for a female hound used for hunting
Type of stone tower found in Scotland
Gym Leader in Pokemon games
Large piece of hard material, or a group of flats
Also useful for telling the time
Earthenware pot filled with leprechaun gold
Deep hoarse sound made by a crow or frog
Squeaky sound made by old floorboards
Tom _____: Famous Irish Antarctic explorer
Opposite of dirty
Part of the sole of a shoe
Lambs make this sound
Make swollen with liquid or gas
A smug boast
The second firing of ceramic ware, in which the glaze is fused
Apparition of a dead person, eg. Casper

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