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QUIZ: Can you name the words defined, differing by only one letter in each pairing?

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British for fries, American for crisps
Breathing hard
Elvis's favourite type of dog
More spicy
Old Protestant term for a Catholic
Common songbird
Gift-bringer's surname
x or +
Bug that likes, eg berries and cherries
Wet through
Flower, source of saffron
Luggage carrier
Final definition (a)
Final answer (a)
Georgia fruit
British for men, American for leggings
Rainbow-beaked birds
Goes with lost
Horn or nose
Sexual felon
Earthy modelling materials
Birds that can be stoned
Saucily, richly, sweetly
Twisting, in a serpentine fashion
Pots, or fragments of pots
Large advert, or blog commenter
Final definition (b)
Final answer (b)

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