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Can you name the answers in this pangrammatic head-to-toe word quiz?

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The wily old captain who chased Moby Dick...
...noise made by a gun or a dynamite stick.
Colourful paper that goes on a present...
...huge body of water that's Peaceful and Pleasant.
A verbal riposte that is clever and witty...
...if you come from Ukraine it's your capital city.
A person who wouldn't eat brisket or mutton...
...you'd need this for sewing a hem or a button.
You'd use this to buy things in Belgium or Spain...
...a kind of illusion to confuse eye and brain.
Container for sandwiches, apples and cake...
...Prince of Persia he was, many years before Jake.
The caskets where pharoahs were put when they're dead...
...the country of which Saddam used to be head.
Rapidly, speedily, any old how...
...the person who's typing in answers right now.
The suffix of many a Premiership team...
...a cake with a hole or with jam or with cream.
A bone in the wrist, or a four-sided figure...
...an elephant's ancestor (hairy, and bigger).
A once in a lifetime journey to Mecca...
...a year in the language of Merkel or Becker.
An old type of cab in Shanghai or Kowloon...
...a monster who transforms with every full moon.
In Happy Days ladies all loved him, of course...
...it's black and it's white, it's a bit like a horse.

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