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Akkadian emperor, 2270?-2215? BCE, credited with creating the first empire
Chinese emperor, 2200?-2100? BCE, founded the Xia Dynasty
Egyptian pharaoh, r. 1279-1213 BCE, built Abu Simbel, fought the Hittites at Kadesh
Persian emperor, r. 559-530 BCE, founded the Achaemenid Empire, freed the captive Jews in Babylon
Persian emperor, r. 522-486 BCE, divided empire into provinces, lost to Greeks at Marathon
Persian emperor, r. 485-465 BCE, built Gate of All Nations, lost to Greeks at Battle of Salamis
Macedonian king, 356-323 BCE, conquered most of Southern Asia and Egypt
Indian emperor, 304-232 BCE, credited with spreading Buddhism across India
Roman general, 106-48 BCE, fought Julius Caesar during Caesar's Civil War
Roman emperor, r. 306-337 CE, first Christian Roman emperor, renamed Byzantium after himself
Roman emperor, r. 364-375 CE, defeated combined force of Picts, Scots, and Saxons during The Great Conspiracy
Pope, r. 440-461 CE, persuaded Attila the Hun to leave Italy, elucidated the Hypostatic Union of Christ
Byzantine emperor, r. 527-565 CE, rewrote Roman law, built the Hagia Sofia
Pope, r. 590-604 CE, one of the Latin Fathers, wrote Commentary on Job
Frankish king, 742?-814 CE, 'Father of Europe', crowned emperor by Pope Leo III
English king, r. 871-899, defended Wessex from Viking invasions, only English monarch called, 'the Great'
Mongolian khan, 1162?-1227 CE, founded the Mongol Empire, the largest contiguous empire in history
Turko-Mongol ruler, 1327?-1405 CE, most powerful ruler of the Muslim World, campaigns estimated to have killed 5% of the world's population
Russian grand prince, 1440-1505 CE, ended the Golden Horde's control over the Rus, longest reigning Russian ruler
Russian tsar, 1672-1725 CE, reformed Russian culture based on the Enlightenment, helped defeat Sweden in the Great Northern War
Prussian king, r. 1740-1786 CE, reorganized Prussian military, won the Silesian wars and helped to win the Seven Years' War
Russian tsar, r. 1762-1796 CE, established the Free Economic Society, annexed Crimea
Hawaiian King, c. 1758-1859 CE, conquered the Hawaiian islands and wrote the 'Law of the Splintered Paddle'
Japanese emperor, r. 1867-1912 CE, Japan becomes a world power after the Russo-Japanese War, led a restoration to modernize Japan
Kuwaiti sheikh, r. 1896-1915 CE, allied with Great Britain over Anglo-Kuwaiti Treaty, regarded as the modern-day father of Kuwait

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