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John, the cold-blooded CROOK who stole the COLD RICE must have had a heart of stone.
When Queen Elizabeth III victoriously spoke to the aliens, she said 'HI THERE, SPACEWOMAN.'
Taylor's favorite movie was a romance about two teenagers who fall in love but are quickly torn apart by a SOY REVOLT.
Floyd emotionlessly told his MOM to TRY the pink BACON FLUB.
The HORRIDEST MONSTER traveled on the hurricane, breaking all the doors and windows in the house.
One day, the BAD SNORKELER DOVE FOR A BUM who used to live on the green, forlorn streets.
Because the troops could locate who they were fighting many miles away, the officer commanded 'NO CEASEFIRE, SLIM.'
The festivities could finally begin when the PETTY TARTS GATHERED to celebrate their love of the color pink.
When the egyptians were in DEBT to the PHARAOH, they paid him with SEX or human hearts that they kept in boxes.
When the bugs ate the HOLY GOO they greeted it, but, as they BLEED, they bid it farewell.

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