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Can you name the title of the reworded first lines of these beatles songs?

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First LineSong TitleAlbum
This event has occurred one time previously when I arrived at the entrance to your abode, responselessBeatles For Sale
(name) was meddlesome; scrutinized the absurdist concept of philosophy of what lies beyond the realm of metaphysics in the place of residenceAbbey Road
When I arise from slumber during the wee hours of the ante meridiem, bear my cranium aloft, I'm still drowsily opening my mouthRevolver
The infant belonging to me informed me that she is commuting on the one succeeding CMIXLet It Be
I occupy this space, clutching my noggin, rotate my countenance toward the barrierHelp!
I would prefer for you to be deceased than adulterousRubber Soul
As soon as I arrive at the nadir I revert to the zenith of the chuteThe Beatles (White Album)
I observe everyone, detect the dormant affection The Beatles (White Album)
You speak fallacies assuming I don't realize. You are incapable of producing the secretions of the lacrimal glands because you're guffawing in my general direction.B-side
When I mature, relinquishing my cilia, in the distant futureSgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
In my birthplace, a seaman residedRevolver
While I pen this epistle, dispatch my adoration toward youPlease Please Me

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