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Russia 1855-1917

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Forced Order
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For how many days did the First Duma last?
Which Czar had the nickname 'the Peacemaker'?
When was the January Uprising?
In what year did the Russo-Japanese War begin?
True or False: It took 49 years for serfs to be freed
Who was the author of the October Manifesto?
Who wrote Alexander III's manifesto?
Who was the first finance minister under Alexander III?
What was the date of Bloody Sunday?
What significant economic step was taken by Witte in 1897?
To the nearest thousand, how many miles of railway did Russia have by 1881?
What was the average level of wartime inflation in Russia (WWI)?
When were the Land Banks introduced?
Who was Minister for the Interior from 1902- 1904
Who did Nicholas II abdicate in favour of?
When did the Romanovs celebrate their tricentenary?
Which Czar had the nickname 'the Martyr'?
The 1882 'May Laws' targeted which ethnic group in Russia?
Which Finance Minister created Land Banks?
Who said 'suppression first and then, and only then, reform'?
Which two parties held 75% of the seats in the First Duma?
What was the exact date of Alexander II's assassination?
Who was Interior Minister from 1882-1889?
In what year were the 'Land Captains' introduced?
Which event prompted Alexander II to free the serfs?
When was the Russo-Turkish War declared?
Roughly what percentage of the population were serfs in 1855?
What new constitution was issued by Nicholas II in 1906?
Which major diplomatic event took place in June-July 1878?
What was the name of the village unit under the Czars?
The Third Section of His Imperial Majesty's Own Chancellory was replaced in 1880 by what organisation?
Which of the following was not part of Alexander II's legal reforms: Equality before law, public hearings, abandonment of martial law, trial by jury?
How many people died as a result of Vyshnegradsky's famine?
In what year was the zemstvo first introduced?
What was the exact date of Alexander III's death?
Who was the second finance minister under Alexander III?
What were the three pillars believed in by Alexander III?
The Zemstva Act reduced the amount of the population who could vote; when was it?
Whose was the Great Spurt?
In what year did the first Duma first meet?
From which event did Alexander II gain the nickname 'Czar Liberator of the Bulgarians'?
When was Vyshnegradsky's induced famine?
Which decree in 1906 promoted reform in rural areas?
Which organisation killed Alexander II?
Which revolutionary wrote in the newpaper 'The Bell'?
What was the date on which Nicholas II abdicated?

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