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Can you tell if these NBA trivia facts are (T)rue or (F)alse?

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Danny Ainge played baseball in the MLB
The Kings were once based in San Diego.
Tim Duncan's major at Wake Forest was Accounting.
Michael Jordan once wore #12 during an official game.
At least one NBA player was selected out of the MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology).
When Bill Russell won his last NBA title, he was also the Celtics' head coach
'Three-peat' is a registered trade mark, property of Pat Riley
No 'Most Improved Player' has ever won an NBA title.
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During Kevin Garnett's rookie year, at least one ex-ABA player was still active in the NBA.
Basketball's inventor, Dr. Naismith, had a losing record as a college coach.
Muggsy Bogues once blocked 5 shots in the same game.
No team repeated as NBA Champions between 1969 and 1987
Isiah Thomas' middle name is 'Lord'
There has been at least one NBA player born in Luxembourg.
Mo Williams' father was a member of the Temptations
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar became the all-time leading scorer in Las Vegas, Nevada

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