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...recorded 100 blocks and 100 three-pointers in the same season?
...was elected to the HOF as a player and a coach?
...became the mayor of a major US city?
...played at least 1,500 regular season games in his career?
...won a MVP title in the 1950s?
...was part of Michigan's Fab Five?
...married a Kardashian?
...led the league in assists per game in the 1990s and is not John Stockton?
...was listed at 5'5'' or shorter?
...never went to college and won at least one MVP title?
HintAnswerPossible answers name-checked in Kurtis Blow's seminal song 'Basketball'?
...once attempted at least 15 field goals in a game and made none? (since 1984)
...was elected Finals MVP while playing for the losing team?
...had a quadruple double?
...has a twin who has also played in the NBA?
...was listed at 7'6'' or taller?
...was named MVP and ROY the same year?
...was drafted ahead of Jordan in the 1984 draft?
...was part of both the original Dream Team and Dream Team III?
...won a NBA title with 3 different franchises?

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