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Can you name the buildings in The Simpsons: Tapped Out?

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ActionBuildingCost (Unlocks...)
Pretending to Be a College$60500
Punishing Delts$70500
Providing Sarcastic Service$30000 (Comic Book Guy)
Fusing Cuisines100 donuts
Popping Corn80 donuts
Not Using the Kitchens$169000 (Kirk Van Houten)
Scaring Unsuspecting Guests150 treats/85 donuts
Racking Pins200 Santa coins/250 donuts (Barney)
None$25000 (Bart)
Income Tax$1800
Income Tax$355
Selling Excess Priceless Artifacts$75500 (Smithers)
Not Conducting Legitimate Business$63000 (Fat Tony)
Loosening Slots150 donuts (Tribal Chief)
Doling Out Meds$108000
None$46000 (Brockman)
Modernizing HolidaysFree
None$1200 (Cletus)
Not Being Used150 donuts (Jasper)
Raising Pretentious KidsFree
None$15000 (Mr. Burns)
Cutting Wages30000 gift cards (Mr. Costington)
Sentencing People to Jury Duty$319500 (Judge Snyder)
Calling Fatty Things 'Low Fat'150 donuts (Luann Van Houten)
Deciphering Secret Government Plans$81000
Losing Paperwork$112000
Scattering Pocket Change300 tickets
Bottling Duff190 donuts (Duffman)
Getting Dads Through the Day25000 tickets
Denying Steroid Use4250 snakes/90 donuts
Punishing the Lactose Intolerant250 gift cards
Over-Complicating Simple Cuisine$71500
Barely Avoiding Lawsuits100 donuts
Blood Money$85000 (Legs, Louie)
Inducing Vertigo120 donuts
Eating Craftservice120 donuts (McBain)
Worshipping the Holy DonutFree
Collection Plate$32500 (Rev. Lovejoy)
Income Tax$540 (Ned Flanders)
Making Plain Food Seem Fancy5000 tickets
Boring Schoolchildren150 snakes
Performing Experiments150 donuts (Professor Frink)
Paying Off Health Authorities$43000
Removing 'Made in China' Tags1750 tickets
Gilding Truffles$31000
Laying Down Ant Traps10000 goo (Suzanne the Witch)
Frying Everything in Sight$13500
Putting Curses on Non-paying Customers$2000
ActionBuildingCost (Unlocks...)
Propagating Sickly Sweetness14000 gift cards
Providing Basic NecessitiesFree
Mass-Producing Antiques$83000 (Herman)
Peddling Pills$53500 (Dr. Hibbert)
Selling Evil and Cursed Frogurt100 treats/45 donuts (Talking Krusty Doll)
Capitalizing on Insecure Relationships25 hearts
Stitching and Patching Itchy and Scratchy$32000
Spreading Gossip$29000
Getting Wired$26500
Assuring Authorities It's Not a Front$52000
Crushing Hope200 donuts (Kamp Bart)
Emptying Spit Valves$37000
Overdue Rent$54000 (Edna Krabappel)
Thawing 'Meat' Patties$2600/$24000 (Krusty)
Thawing 'Meat' Patties650 tickets
Searching Bags for Outside Food20 tickets
Siccing Cockroaches After Bedbugs20000 tickets
Regurgitating Ideas140 donuts (Sideshow Mel)
De-greasing Door Hinges10000 tickets
Marking up Prices$220/$20500 (Apu)
Twisting Crullers110 donuts
Income Tax150 donuts (Abraham Lincoln)
Inflating Dreams of Gymnastic Stardom175 donuts (Lugash)
Spicing up Meatballs$39000 (Luigi)
Serenading Uncomfortable Couples$2500 (Mindy)
Discounting Radium-Filled Compasses$47500
Putting M's in Front of Product Names150 Santa coins/90 donuts
Incubating Zombies60 donuts
None$32000 (Moe, Marge)
Defying Laws of Gravity150 donuts
Stuffin Muffins Baskets$48500
Collecting Welfare$46500 (Nelson)
Stuffing Mammoths100 donuts
Inking Yet Another Tribal Tattoo$54500
Giving Insomniacs a Place to Go$15000 (Rex Banner)
Swindling Allowances$132000 (Dolph)
Irishing Up Drinks$1900 (Tom O'Flanagan)
Paying TV Writers on Hiatus$207000
None160 donuts
Income Tax$24500
Incubating Pet Zombies10 treats/70 donuts
Causing Cavities10 hearts
Overcharging Celebrity Diners$56000
Income Tax$3400
Serving food TO THE EXTREME!150 donuts
None$40500 (Wiggum)
Violating Every Building Code100 goo
Income Tax$1100
Emitting Real Gamma Radiation2500 tickets
ActionBuildingCost (Unlocks...)
None$37500 (Grampa)
Feeding Reindeer200 donuts (Santa Homer)
Building ToysFree
Money Found in Sock120 donuts (Otto)
Underpaying Teenage Staff12000 tickets
Income Tax$135 (Lisa)
Losing Golf Balls50 hearts/$89000 (Rod, Todd)
Income Tax$65500 (Agnes)
Warming Up Coffees$35500
Charging Hourly Rates12500 snakes/225 donuts (Miss Springfield)
Losing Track of Children1000 tickets
Being Unvisited$182700 (Patty, Selma)
Driving Small Retailers Out of Business90 donuts
Raking Sand Gardens$74000 (Lenny, Carl)
Incubating ZombiesFree/75 donuts
Overcharging for 'Luxury' Boxes10000 snakes/190 donuts (Drederick Tatum)
None$10500 (Skinner)
Overpriced Medical Procedures$65500
Price-Checking Embarrassing Items$261000
Forming into Cliques$100750 (Superintendent Chalmers)
Claiming Things Are Science$164450
Collecting Library Fines$20500 (Martin)
Empowering Rent-a-Cops3000 gift cards
Staring At...Neptune75 donuts
Serving Time$46000 (Snake)
Selling Ferret-like Poodles90 donuts (Jub-Jub)
Putting Up 'Wanted' Posters$69000
Cracking Coccyx Bones10000 gift cards
Listening to Pins Drop$92000
Spinning Vinyl180 donuts (Disco Stu)
Pointlessly Accelerating Particles50 treats
Yelling at Customers90 donuts
Keeping Dentists in Business32000 tickets
None$48500 (Quimby)
Sucking Consumers Dry450 Santa coins/70 donuts
Perfuming Stagnant WaterFree
Unleashing the Turbanator!$61500
Twirling Uncomfortably6500 goo
Ignoring the First Rule of Robotics4000 goo
Taking Low Standards to New Heights90 donuts
Income Tax$3800 (Milhouse)
Inducing Air-Sea Sickness16000 tickets
Unleashing Doomsday Devices200 donuts (Hank Scorpio)
Disinfecting the Splash Zone7500 tickets
Income Tax$7700
Investigating Where the Remote Is$58500 (Ralph)
Income Tax$12000 (Willie)
Hiding Affairs$114500 (Wolfcastle)
Serving Same Stuff As At Luigi's$68000

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