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You might tell this lie to someone who..LieRank
you didn't want to talk to on a mobile phone.1
has asked you for money.2
has asked you if something's wrong.3
does not look lovely.4
you are not pleased to see.5
you do not plan on calling.6
has asked you if you're involved with a mutual acquaintance.7
you don't want to meet up with soon.8
expects your arrival soon.9
has asked whether they are wearing something that makes their bum look big.10
you disregarded when they gave you a call.11
has asked when you'll give up.12
you are angry with.13
has asked why you're late.14
has asked how long you've owned that.15
has asked whether it was really expensive.16
has asked how many more beers you're going to have.17
has asked why you didn't respond to their text.18
has asked whether you love them.19
has asked why you didn't respond to their email.20
has pulled you over for speeding.21
has asked why you're late.22
has asked you why you haven't paid yet.23
is not looking well.24
you would not love to see again.25
You might tell this lie to someone who..LieRank
has asked why you're late.26
you are breaking up with.27
has asked why you have been delayed.28
suspects you have a gambling problem.29
has asked what your plans are for tonight.30
has asked whether your weight gain is the result of eating too much.31
has asked why you're late.32
has asked if you can spare five minutes of your time.33
you don't want to talk to on the phone.34
you won't be calling back.35
has asked why you haven't come to work.36
has prepared something that does not taste delicious.37
has asked if you have had much to drink.38
has asked what you have been doing all day.39
has asked whether you went out last night.40
has asked you how big it was.41
has asked what your plans are for tonight.42
bought the last round.43
is ready for a relationship.44
has given you something you've never wanted.45
has asked how many more beers you're going to have.46
gave you their number, but you didn't call.47
has gained weight.48
has asked why you're late.49
has asked why you're dating someone that you knew they fancied.50

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