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Forms of condensation&precipitationMeteorology
a cloud with its vase at or very near the ground
results from radiation from cooling of the ground and adjacent air
when warm and moist air is blown over a cold surface becomes chilled by contact and by mixing with the cold air created by the cold surface below
humid air moves up a gradual sloping plain
produced by evaporation from a warm water surface into the cold air above
fog formed when rain evaporates as it falls through a layer of cool air
the condensation of water vapor on objects that have radiated sufficient heat to lower their temperature below the dew point
forms when the dew point of air is below freezing
Forms of condensation&precipitationMeteorology
the process that generates much of the precipitation in the middle latitudes
water in a liquid state below 0 degrees celsius
supercooled droplets that freeze on contact with solid particles that have a crystal form closely resembling that of ice
a theory of rain drop formation in warm clouds in which large cloud droplets collide and join together with smaller droplets to form a rain drop
drops of water that fall from a cloud and have a diameter of at least .5 millimeters
precipitation in the form of ice crystals
a winter time phenomenon and refers to the fall of small particles of ice that are clear to translucent

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